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I have a very beautiful girl on a small wood slice drawn by Adrienn.


She is really talented and can definitely be recommended.

Annette Kjær Bjørnstrup

Adrienne gave me a drawing of my pony shortly after I lost her.


It was an enormously touching gesture and I am very happy with the drawing.

Thea Kirstine Dalager

When I saw Adrienn's portfolio I decided to challenge her by ordering an image of me and my mum. Adrienn had never tried to make two portraits on the same paper and had to make sure they came to fit in size and age.

Adrienn solved that task to fulfillment. I am amazed how skilled she is, she even did lookup work to get at better view of my mom.

It resulted in a drawing that I feel proud of, because I know the artist.

What I noticed in Adrienn's work is that it becomes so real, the fur of the animals, the shadows, the hair of people and the eyes, they are so very much alive and look like they are glassy, which is amazing that Adrienn can do that with a pencil or coal.

Thank you Adrienn.

Ditte-Maria Christiansen

I got the most beautiful picture of my grandchild that Adrienn has drawn.


The biggest recommendations from here.

Dorte Engel

Adrienn gave me one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever received. I was incredibly touched when she surprised me with a portrait of me.


It really looks like me and yet it does something that a photo could never match.


I can clearly feel the love it was created with and I love Adrienn's own interpretation and twist - that she has added chakra symbols around me. The drawing gives me a feeling of strength and hope.


It is a picture of how I want to see myself and to be seen by others. When I look at it, it feels like Adrienn really saw me for who I am as she sat and created the drawing.


It is one of the most beautiful and moving things I have experienced. Thanks Adrienn.

Anastasia Elkjær


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