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Adrienn has always appreciated art and dreamed of being able to express her ideas and feelings in a creative way.

In the winter of 2019 she saw an advertisement for an online new year drawing retreat and she thought that it was time to follow her dream. The retreat was an amazing experience and an eye opener. She gained the confidence to start pursuing the path of becoming an artist.

In the following years she has participated in numerous art classes, workshops and she has been working dedicatedly on finding her art medium and her own style.

In the search she was drawn more and more toward the natural elements of graphite, charcoal and gold. She's passionate about the rawness of these materials and the breathtaking, striking contrast that they create with each other.

Adrienn truly enjoys the creative process and loves to see an art piece grow out of the blank paper. She would like to share this joy with others.

She is originally from Hungary. Her mom and two siblings live there still. She moved to Denmark as a young adult and she now lives in Copenhagen with her husband Christian.

They have a Shetlands pony, Summer who ensures that Adrienn gets her daily dose of fresh air, nature walks and an abundance of soulful inspiration.

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